Best Sunglasses Trends For 2017

Best Sunglasses Trends For 2017

Best Sunglasses Trends For 2017

Sunglasses are worn for different purposes. We do not wear them for just protecting our eyes from sunlight or dust while walking in the streets. We also wear them as important accessories. Sunglasses have the ability to increase our elegance and complement what we wear. They are highly essential for both men and women on different occasions.

For this reason, they are available in different creative designs, colors, and materials. This helps you to select what suits your taste and reflects your personality. New eyewear trends are presented every year and can be spotted at different fashion shows around the world. These eyewear styles can help you choose what makes you always fashionable and elegant. To discover more about what is presented for the next year, take a look at the following eyewear trends for both women and men.

1. Marble frames

Shades with marble frames were seen at distinct fashion shows such as Michael Kors, Karen Walker, and Christian Siriano. They appeared in different shades as there are dark marble frames and there are other light ones. You can select the design that you like and what suits the shape of your faces such as butterfly wing sunglasses, bug eyes, oversized shades and more layouts that could make you catchier.

2. Double wire rim sunglasses

Double wire rim sunglasses are among the hottest eyewear styles that are presented for the next year. Sunglasses with double rims are not preferred by most of the women for their big size. However, they can provide us with a lovely and unique look especially when the used rims are thin. Moreover, using double rims provides the shades with extra support. Double rims are used in a wide variety of colors as well as styles. They appeared at several fashion shows such as Prada, Trussardi, and Giorgio Armani.

3. Clear lenses

Who says that sunglasses with clear lenses aren’t catchy? It is not necessary for the shades to have dark or colorful lenses. There are also sunglasses with clear lenses and they are presented as a top eyewear trend for the upcoming seasons especially spring, fall and winter seasons. Shades with clear lenses were spotted at Gucci, Anna Sui, Chanel, Hellessy and Custo Barcelona. So, if you do not enjoy those shades with dark and colorful lenses, then you can opt for those sunglasses with clear lenses that can help you to show the beauty of your eyes without hiding them.

4. Colorful lenses

Sunglasses with brilliant lenses are a perfect choice for those who don’t prefer clear or dark lenses. They help you to pick what matches your clothing or other accessories you wear such as handbags or shoes. You can find a combination of vibrant and Ombré lenses to make the shades more impressive. This catchy tendency was seen at several fashion shows such as Opening Ceremony, Trussardi, and Marni.

5. Dark lenses

Do you want to completely hide your eyes to protect them from the sun particularly during spring and summer seasons? If your answer is yes, then you have to purchase sunglasses with dark lenses. In fact, dark lenses are perfect for all seasons and they’re among the classics which are loved by almost all men as well as girls. To make your dark lenses catchy and not boring, you can add chains that possess the capacity to give the sunglasses a new appearance. Dark lenses appeared at many fashion shows such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Coach, Mulberry, Miu Miu, and Emporio Armani, just to name a few.

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6. Ombré sunglasses

They are a combination of dark shades and light ones. This is why they are highly sought after by most of the fashionable women who always want to increase their attractiveness and look more stylish. Ombré sunglasses are also among the most noteworthy eyewear trends which are presented every year. They may be found at different fashion shows including Chanel, Banana Republic, Roberto Cavalli, Trussardi, and Carolina Herrera. They’re ideal for those who like to wear dark, light and colorful lenses at the same time.

7. Embellished shades

If you are looking for the easiest way to add a luxurious look to what you wear, then you must opt for all those embellished sunglasses such as Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. Shades are embellished in several ways. They are decorated through using crystals, flowers, and other decorative items that are usually used for adding a stunning appearance to those shades worn by girls. Embellished sunglasses were seen at Miu Miu, Anna Sui, Gucci, and of course, Dolce and Gabbana.

8. Oversized shades

Using oversized sunglasses depends on the shape of your face. These shades do not suit those who have small faces. This is because they will have most of their faces covered and it will be better for them to use little sunglasses to look more attractive. Oversize shades are available in different styles as there are sunglasses with double rims, marble frameworks or colored frames making the oversize shades more stunning. They appeared at Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors, and Karen Walker.

9. Round cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eye shades are among the classics that refuse to leave us. They may be adored by most of the women and this is why they’ve presented with new changes annually. In the following year, you will find the cat eye sunglasses with round lenses, for example, those which appeared at Fendi, Max Mara, and Emporio Armani

10. Round Sunglasses

Perfect for anyone with sharp features like a square face or a prominent jaw, round shades help soften a more chiseled face.

11. White Frame Sunglasses

White frames have proven to be a very popular trend for summer, and we love how Emma Roberts styles them.

12. Browline Shades

Geometric browline sunglasses are very cool. Kylie Jenner is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world thanks to her bold style choices and hairdos, but if you want to copy anything off her this summer, it should be her taste in shades.

13. Mirrored Sunglasses

Olivia Palermo has long been celebrated for her superb outfit selections, but its the way that she accessorizes her outfits and pulls her looks together in an effortlessly chic way that makes her a design icon. Mirrored sunglasses are one of the major trends for summer and Olivia Palermo shows us just how to rock these statement lenses. If you want to steal her style, Topshop has a great alternative.

14. Bright and Bold Sunglasses

Add a pop of color and a little fun to your wardrobe by completing your look with a bright colored or bold printed pair of sunglasses. Not sure how to do it? Take inspiration from Paris Hilton and try out a bright pink pair of sunnies.

15. Aviator Shades

Classic and trendy, the aviator shades are a style that is still very much in fashion, as proven by the wonderful Julie Chen.

16. Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are super functional as they cover a lot of the face from the harmful sun rays and they tend to work best on oval and round shaped faces. If you are willing to fork out a small fortune, then you can own a pair from Bottega Veneta that’s almost exactly the same as Kris Jenner’s sunnies.