How To Choose The Right Bag For Different Occasions?

How To Choose The Right Bag For Different Occasions?

How To Choose The Right Bag For Different Occasions?

Bags mostly vary in designs and styles. Besides, different types of handbags serve different purposes. The right handbags can actually flatter the favorite outfits. Being highly personal and carried potentially for many consecutive days, the main key is to choose the handbags as per your style as well as lifestyle. Often, it is rather common for women to own at least three handbags for different occasions. In this case, the goal will be to match every outfit with the right bag fashion.
Things to consider when choosing the handbags

Consider the occasion/purpose

Always consider the occasion or function before picking your handbag. An inappropriate choice of tote will ruin the look and also your comfort level.

Consider the Design of the Tote

Bags come in different styles and layouts. Make sure you always pick a design which not just looks great but comfortable to carry too. Think about the essentials you must carry. It should be wide enough to occupy your essentials. Also, choose a layout that will complement your appearance and event on the whole.

Go for Versatile Designs

For those, who frequently attend events and are a regular face at the parties, should consider having a closet full of handbags of versatile designs to complement their party wear dresses.

1. College Totes

A college bag ought to be sturdy and stylish. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s important that you say adieu to fashion and style. A backpack is a good option for college going girls. Having ample space for books, laptops etc. it can be easily carried on the shoulders thus sparing your hands all the weight while also keeping them free for other activities. These days backpacks are available in a wide selection of fashions. However, if you don’t like backpacks bucket bags, messenger bags etc. are great options to take all your stuff while still looking stylish.

2. Work Office Bags

An office tote has to be elegant and smart. It shouldn’t be too gaudy or too simple. A tote bag in classic black color looks chic and professional. Be certain that there is enough space to keep all your important papers, files, and binders etc. A neutral colored bag will go with all of your work outfits. Nevertheless, you can also go for bold colors to make a fashion statement.

3. Cross body bags

A day to day use bag needs to be stylish and permanent. Choose from a large array of products available and keep all your knick knacks safe and within reach. A cross body bag is very good for day to day use as it makes a great style statement. It’s going to keep your hands free hence offering you all the comfort you will need as you run your errands. Whether you are going for a shopping spree or hanging out with friends, you can choose from tons of different styles available. You can also try tote bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags etc

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4. Casual Totes

Choosing a tote for a casual occasion is easy. Everyday events such as engagement party, birthday party, baby showers etc. don’t require you to carry lots of material. So you can go for distinct styles so long as it matches your dress and taste. Satchel bags, hobo bags etc. are excellent for everyday occasions.

5. Clutches

Clutches are great for dressy occasions for example weddings, formal celebrations etc. Having enough room to keep mobile phones and money etc. it’s perfect for special occasions. Clutches are available in various size and styles. Pick the one that suits your style as well as need perfectly.

6. Office/casual totes

As the modern girls mostly spend times outside the homes, they mainly look for functional and fashionable bags to take. So, here comes a list of women’s handbags, which can be considered as the go-to totes. Whether it is just a visit to the grocery store or to the workplace, these bags are made for every possible occasion.

7. Tote bags

Popularly known as the beach totes, these bags have the space to accommodate anything to carry all the property easily. Typically, these bags are highly preferred by the shore lovers and the shoppers as they can stuff many things in these readily. This is a big bag with two shoulder straps as well as a single opening.

The tote gives you a more relaxed look. Some totes are additionally used as beach bags to take towels, sunscreens, goodies and more. You can decide to flaunt a fabric tote at a beach party or carry a leather tote to school. These totes offer considerable space for books and notebooks as well. This is for the girl who loves to take her world around. Wear a tote with casual jeans and tees or with long skirts to look effortlessly chic.

8. Satchels:

These are primarily structured bags that come with double handles and offer maximum space. Designed especially for the working women, these bags are really convenient to carry items like a lunch box, documents, cash, makeup and other accessories without any struggle.

9. Bucket totes:

These bags have a bucket-like shape and hence these are also open. Usually these totes come with single handles and consequently can be worn over or carried on one shoulder.

10. Messenger/sling bags

These totes are highly popular among the college students and teenagers. These bags are mainly worn across the body and these offer a fashion statement to the wearer. Besides, as these totes sling around the body, these make the users hands free for movement.

11. Hobo bags

This is really a type of classic day handbag with a crescent shape. These bags are just perfect for weekend getaways and casual outings. The crescent Hobo bag is trendy and comfy for working girls. The boat-shaped bottom gives the bag a casual look. It truly is the perfect bag for your makeup essentials, tissue packs, notepads, phones and other personal things. This really is a classic day tote that may also be taken for weekend getaways or office outings. Pair a Hobo bag using a shift dress or a jeans and shirt combo for a confident appearance.

12. Backpacks

The backpack is an excellent choice if you are a busy commuter. A backpack looks cool and is great for carrying documents, water bottles, food, books, cosmetics and everything else you can name. In the event you are wearing a formal ensemble, then a leather backpack would suit you best. Backpacks are smart, cool and suitable at the same time. You can also wear a backpack over the combination of a sporty t-shirt and jeans to flaunt your trendy side.

13. Wristlets:

These purses are quite similar to clutches, but these come with short straps that can be wrapped around the wrist. These totes are primarily available with a range of designs and colors including pink, teal, green, orange, yellow, green, purple etc. to suit to different occasions and mood.

14. Evening bags

These are another kind, designed for some special fancy and proper events and so these are largely smaller in sizes. In other words, it can be said that these bags are a must to complete any special event.

15. Envelope

This is an envelope shaped strapless evening purse, which can only carry small items. This feature makes it ideal for official dinners and movies.

16. Clutch

This is a small bag without a strap and it can adapt merely a few important things like cosmetics, mobile phones, and other small sized personal items. This cute little bag is ideal to carry several things to a lavish dinner party; merely the essentials like your phone, lipstick, money or credit cards. Typically, a clutch is studded with eye-catching rhinestone crystals or beads that add a little sophistication to your party look. You can even go for a solid-coloured, leather day clutch to maintain your appearance simple yet fashionable. Pair a beaded clutch with embellished anarkalis, vibrant saris, A-line dresses or evening gowns for a stylish look.

17. Minaudiere

This clutch comes with an ornamental case, adorned with gems and rhinestones.

18. Leather cross-body bags

Cross-body leather totes are a hit among the teens and college students. These sorts of bags are worn from the other side of the body; therefore they give that perfect style statement to the wearer. They are also favored by the people for the reason that they make the hands free for movement. Cross body bags are not only meant for the active moms of young babies; these days, everyone who needs to keep his/her hands-free can take these bags. Today, you can find an incredible variety of leather cross body bags which are aesthetically eye-catching and as fashionable as any other tote. Only visit Just4leather, to find the top collection of leather bags for men and women.

19. Leather Backpacks

Leather backpacks became popular with the increased use of laptops. Available in medium to large size, the backpack is worn in the back. If you’re seeking an ideal bag to go with your professional attire then brown or black leather backpacks accessible at Just4leather can be the best choice.

20. Evening bags/purses

Evening bags are best suited for formal or elaborate events. Since they are only meant for parties and formal occasions, they’re not designed for carrying a lot of items. They may be usually smaller as compared to day totes and available in various designs and sizes.