Everything You Need To Know About Wrap Up Dress

Everything You Need To Know About Wrap Up Dress

Everything You Need To Know About Wrap Up Dress

The wrap dress hit the big 4-0 this year. Like a confident and beautiful woman whose allure only intensifies with age, the dress is sexy, easy to wear and versatile more than ever.

What’s it about the wrapping dress that has earned it such legendary status it is the subject of an art exhibition that opened this month at the Wilshire May Company building in Los Angeles?

It started in 1974 when 26-year old Diane von Furstenberg introduced a long-sleeved printed knit jersey dress that a female could slip into, wrap the front panels like a robe, tie set up on one side of the waistline and – voila – she was good to go. No buttons. No zippers.

The best way to wear a wrap dress

  • The wrap dress is among the most iconic dresses of all time. It is famous for being versatile, elegant, feminine and hot all depending on how you wear it. No wonder it is the world’s most beloved dress. Here are a few suggestions to make this dress perfect for you

  • If you want to really go for formal and classic, wear with a button-down shirt and also a belt, shirt, and blazer or with a waterfall cardigan blazer. So you can play up a volume, this look works best with a narrow fit.

  • Wrapping dresses are made out of jersey cloth, but not all jersey is the same. A blend of cotton will camouflage bulges, smoothing the dress over your body in case you are curvy. Plus size women can really up to the stakes with animal or graphic print wrap dresses.

  • Tiny girls should look for a way to elongate the neck; a V-neck shows a little skin and a bit of the chest and neck giving you more length.

  • Darker colors like black, navy, burgundy and plum are great not merely for the workplace, notably for elderly women in their 40s.

  • Accessorize the wrap dress with a contrasting belt to cinch in your waist and layer with a jacket. It gives you the power of a girl who is sure of herself and her body.

  • Just above the knee is a great span for a wrap dress, mid-knee is perfect for tall women, and a longer length can be worn day or night depending on the fabric and the mood.

  • Ruching on the side of your dress will flatten your tummy and provide you with a narrower waist, creating an hourglass shape.

  • If you are worried about the flap or need a beginner wrapping dress, go for a faux wrap where the flap is stitched in, but using a belt that may be looped on the side. Faux wrap dresses are best worn short so that they fall elegantly.

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  1. In the event, you are not planning to wear hose and desire to keep things looking smooth, wear some shapewear like Spanx to eliminate any panty lines, bumps and bulges.

  2. Some wrap dresses have a tendency to come open at the top. Make sure that you buy the correct size or put on a camisole underneath. I find that the non-lace ones look better with this tailored look.

  3. In the event you are not that busty, this is a great time to have some fun with a pretty padded push-up bra!

  4. You can layer a cardigan or jacket over a wrapping dress for an alternate appearance. I own 3 wrap dresses and believe a wrap is an ideal dress for almost anything. It’s possible for you to wear a wrapping to work, dress it up or down with accessories and also wear one out on a date. It ’s quite versatile and always looks amazing. Plus, it travels like a dream. It’s lightweight you can throw it in your bag and it’s constantly so comfy because it’s made of its soft jersey silk cloth.

  5. Shoes? A heel seems best. The formality of the print and the size of print will dictate the thickness of the heel. The more outrageous the print, the chunkier you’re able to go with the heel. That means you can do anything from a more delicate heel to a wedge.

  6. Wrap dresses look wonderful with jewelry. A long necklace or short one works. Bracelets or cuffs seem especially great on 3/4 span sleeve to roll dresses.
    This is actually the dress for girls who want to appear alluring and classy. The wrap is figure flattering even should you carry a few extra pounds. The way it drapes will make you look sculpted and 10 pounds lighter.

  7. To appear extra slim select a solid color wrap dress in a dark color like navy.

  8. Many wrapping dresses come in prints- A print with a vertical pattern vs. a horizontal or arbitrary pattern will make you look slimmer.

  9. Small patterns appear best on small frames and big designs look best on large frameworks.

  10. Some wrap dresses can be flimsy. Pick a good quality one like the original by DVF to give you the most excellent fit and shape.