How to Wear a Midi Skirt: Choosing Your Skirt

How to Wear a Midi Skirt: Choosing Your Skirt

How to Wear a Midi Skirt: Choosing Your Skirt

Midi skirts are the most common length of shirts. These skirts are slightly below knee length to mid calf length. These are the skirts that are appropriate for work as well as for fun. These Midi skirts are generally fitted and very lady-like, reminiscent of the 1940s fashions but are also seen often done in a flowing way that is looser so that they have movement to them. With this length of a skirt, a low heel should be worn by you so as to balance out the proportions. If you are petite please keep in mind that this may not be the most flattering length of skirt on you but if you’d like a skirt like this just keeps searching, perhaps in the petite department of a store, because there are lilliputian flattering skirts out there.

Cinch Your Waist

Take your cue from designers like Roksanda Ilincic who have led the midi resurgence. With a dark waistband, Roksanda’s calf-grazing circular skirts in citrus color blocks were nipped in for spring, keeping the focus on the slimmest part of your body. Dolce and Gabbana took this further, teaming their printed numbers with a gold belt, which was matched with golden wedges.

High/Low is the Way to Go

In the event, you don’t want to look like an extra from Grease or you don’t desire to look about five, then you need to get this high/low thing nailed. That’s official fashion speak for pairing designer with high street, but it’s also about the contrast between polished and rough and ready. So pair your lovely new midi with a favorite T-shirt, a worn-in leather biker or a laid-back sweatshirt, à la Christopher Kane.

Observe the Power of Panels and Pleats

Midis are often charged with being unflattering, but that’s as much to do with the fabric and the shape of the skirt, rather than its span. For a more figure-flattering midi, look to the Céline or Proenza Schouler catwalks where midis came pleated; offering a less stiff, unforgiving shape. Transparent panels also worked to break up the look.

Pencil In

If flare-from-the-hip makes you feel queasy, there’s an alternative: the pencil. This looks excellent with a bomber (it is hanging around for another season), or a casual knit (see high/low). Burberry showed prettified, laser cut pencil skirts with relaxed cardigans. Remember, it’s about looking as though you haven’t tried (even though you have).


We get it—it’s starting to get cold, but the function doesn’t always have to trump trend. For a warm, but still, a cool appearance, try wearing a knitted sock instead of tights. You’ll look like a street style star traipsing the streets of Paris in a flash.

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Can you wear flats with a midi skirt?

A lot of people think they shouldn’t wear flats with a midi skirt, citing the “but they’ll make my legs look shorter!” rule as evidence of this. Now, there’s no getting away from the fact that flats will make your legs appear shorter, and so will midi skirts. So, if making your legs look longer is your goal, then yeah, stick to heels. There’s also no getting away from the fact that heels aren’t always practical, though, so, again, it’s all about proportion. As long as your skirt isn’t super-long, you should still be able to wear flats with it: a rule of thumb here would be to go for pointed or almond toes rather than round ones (pointier toes will lengthen the appearance of the foot, and therefore the leg).

Which Of The Dress Skirts Is The Best For My Body Type?

Women’s dress skirts come in many stylish designs and they have been fashionable for centuries but with time they’ve become even more trendy and many different patterns have been invented. The dress skirts come in all sizes and to suit all women’s styles. The styles for women’s range from pleated, to midi and even long, too short or mini skirts. The best part about dress skirts is that they do not only need to be worn with formal attire they can be worn at any occasion and still be in style. Dress skirts can be worn in any season and still be accessorized to fit that particular season. So many times these days even long flowing skirts have taken the place of formal dresses on account of the beautiful blouses that can highlight these skirts and make them, even more, appeal and fluid.

The skirt length that is most hip for the tiny woman is the dress skirts that hit just above the knee. This adds a bit of height to the short women. The A-line skirt is also a fashion plus for the shorter girls additionally. If you are one of the taller women, then you should at no point choose the short ones, like the mini skirt because it shows more leg and makes the legs look never-ending. The top dress skirt for the taller girl is the flared skirts which will normally complement their body design.